new yr new stock!

ye ye jek tajuk new yr kan..walhal da seminggu..hihi.. blasah la uols yg penting stock baru amik ni..yeeha!
dan sempena bday weols mlm ni..akan ada cekidauuuutttt!
babygap singlet with white wording (kanan skali) ~ size 6-12m, 2y, 3y, 4y ~ rm17 (NOW RM15)

gap boy s/s (yellow wording) ~ size 3y, (brown wording) size 12-18m ~ rm20 (NOW RM18)

OSHKOSH romper (white with blue wording ~ kanan skali) ~ size 3-6m.6-9m,12m ~ rm20 (NOW RM18)

TIMBERLAND jumper ~ black only ~ size 6-9m, 12m, 18m ~ rm25 (NOW RM23)

education toy ~caterpillar 1-10 ~ (besar okeh, nk sama tinggi dgn yaeesh) ~ rm39

wait for more guys... coming up... baby tights, more romper, blouse for boys and girls..chinese new yr stock.. very d red one!

also check out d older post for more discounts!